How To Market Your Blog And How To Promote Your Blog

Quick Marketing Tips How To Market Your Blog And How To Promote Your Blog

Quick Marketing Tips How To Market Your Blog And How To Promote Your Blog

Let me guess you have a blog but not sure how to market your blog?

Follow these marketing tips and it will help you get more leads and traffic to your blog. 

Learn How to Market your Blog

A person who is part of my Facebook business page wrote and asked, what is the best way to market your blog?  That is a Great question.   You need to have a few things in place before you focus on marketing your blog.

Do you have a good giveaway? Are you building your email list? It is pointless for you to get more traffic and to be marketing a blog that doesn’t have a good giveaway. That speaks to your target market and offers them something that they actually want.

The number one source of my traffic which is a little secret,  OK you ready?

The number one source of my traffic is traffic that I own which is my email list.

Now a lot of people don’t understand that because they’re constantly looking for new traffic from different places. My number one source of traffic is my own traffic, it is the email list that I have built and when I do a new blog post I send it to that email list to let them know that we have a new blog post and they click it and they check it out.

I know your thinking but Vince, What they don’t like that I am sending them my blog post?  Well that is another good question.  They may unsubscribe which is OK for them to do.

You do not want someone on your list that is not open to receiving great content and value from you.

5 Other Ways To Promote Your Blog

There are many other ways to promote and market your blog:

  1.  Join a company called Onlywire.  Only wire will share your blog over multiple social media sites.  Its relatively in expensive also.  Go to to check it out.
  2. Join or create a blog commenting/sharing group.  What this group will do is every time you or another member put a blog post out there you will go to it and comment, like, and share.  This helps you with Google and building your site rank.
  3. Join a bunch of social networks and share your blog manually.  I prefer the automated way of onlywire.  Before you ask I am not an affiliate.
  4. Do a search in Google on niches that your blog covers and then go comment on other blogs.  Allot of time your allowed to add your website to the comment.
  5. Do a quick video talking about your blog post and then add it to you tube with the link back to your blog post.  Not only do you get a link back but you are promoting your blog on you tube and others will find it there.

Most importantly when doing blogs Have Fun… I love doing blogs and  I love serving a profession in a way that is unique and fun.

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