Don’t Spend Yourself Out Of Business Buying Home Business Leads


Congratulations! You decided to take control of your financial future and got started with your own MLM home business opportunity… Now what, how are you going to start getting those BIG commission checks you read testimonies about on your companies website?

Unfortunately this is the time when most newbie network marketing entrepreneurs make the grave mistake of spending lots of frivolous money on MLM / Home business leads without thinking of the consequences to their checking account and their fragile new home business.

Its not their fault though… Obviously people get excited about their new money making venture and the reason that most of them DON’T think about the consequences is because all they CAN think about is an MLM or direct sales compensation plan that is going to pay them BIG money just as soon as they get a couple people involved opportunity or make a few sales.

The formula seems simple enough… Go out and spend a bunch of money on high dollar, super duper home business leads, give them a friendly phone call about your amazing business and BADA-BING BADA-BOOM!!!! Instant new reps in your home business!

Awe… If only it were that simple there wouldn’t be a 90% failure rate in the MLM / home business industry. In fact, did you know that most people spend themselves out of their home business before they ever get started?

Of course most MLM lead vendors, brokers and generators aren’t going to tell you this when your visiting their website. Instead your going to hear how you need to get the freshest, most qualified (and expensive) leads possible if you want to put anyone in your business.

Before you go spending all this money on leads though don’t you think you should ponder a few questions.

#1 – What is your background with phone recruiting?

#2 – Do you have any experience with direct sales?

#3 – Do you have a strategy after you get someone on the phone?

#4 – What are you going to say to a prospect so that they don’t think that your “just another telemarketer”?

#5 – Are you putting the numbers in YOUR favor meaning will you have enough leads to talk to in order to get some type of results.

The true formula for success when buying MLM leads is to spend LESS money and get MORE leads. You need to understand that MLM lead recruiting is a numbers game and not a game of who filled out the most information on an online form.

Myself and several other online entrepreneurs are firm believers that you should never spend more than 30 cents per lead and $1 to $10 leads should be out of the question.

Focus on becoming a better marketer and getting a better return on your investment because that will keep you in business for the long haul while at the same time give you the leads and the resources to grow as a home business entrepreneur.

In closing, keep your mlm lead costs down and focus on getting a positive Return On Investment (ROI) because thats the key to running a smart home business!


Source by Josh Bradley