3 Ways To Enjoy And Have An Amazing And Blissful Life

3 Ways To Enjoy And Have An Amazing And Blissful Life Have you ever gone through times in your life where you get down on yourself or down period due to circumstances outside of your control?  When you can’t control events or happenings you should not allow them to get you down.  If you do you should try to snap out of it quickly.  This article is meant to help recondition your mind to no longer allow those outside forces to effect you emotionally in a negative way.  

Key Focus Number 1:

You need to eliminate your perception of entitlement.  What I mean is this.  Have you at some point of your life ever asked a favor of a friend, associate, co-worker, or family and be sorely disappointed by their reaction or response to your request?

Did you find yourself thinking how much you have done for that person and then get angry because you don’t understand how they could turn around and treat you this way.  More then likely this isn’t the first time you have found yourself in this position.  You should not stay in this state or let it effect you.

You should always help people with the assumption that you will never get anything in return.  You should just focus on helping them rather then helping them and thinking what favors they will owe you in the future.

If you help people this way then you will never be disappointed again.

People have a short memory.  Most forget you provided them help but they do have a long memory when they were the ones to provide help.

Walking around knowing you have helped others provides you as sense of worth and happiness in your mind.  Being happy knowing you had a hand in helping others should be your only goal!


Key Focus Number 2:

It is much better to be happy than to be right.  Sometimes or rarely you can be both.  If you find yourself in an argument and you know your dead wrong then guess what you need to do?  Stop Arguing….

3 Ways To Enjoy And Have An Amazing And Blissful Life

Choose to be happy rather then right.  The more you put yourself in a negative or combative position, the greater chance to attract more and more negative and combative people and mindset.  The correct people that you want in your life will admire you for not trying to argue and be right all the time.

Key Focus Number 3:

If you have a thought that does not serve you, throw it away! All of us have negative thoughts creep in our mind but it is our choice to accept them, dwell on them or say “I don’t think so” and throw them away. You will never be able to eliminate the possibility of having fleeting negative thoughts but you can eliminate the length of time you spend keeping those thoughts in your mind. If you cannot think of something positive to think, just remember some of these phrases; everything is alright, I feel Fantastic or I am so happy and excited to have so many good things coming to me right now! Just saying those statements will make you feel better than you were prior to thinking positively. 

I hope these simple ideas will help you lead a happier and more productive life. The more we reject the victim mentality along with keeping our thoughts positive, the better our lives will be!

I love helping others and providing value to the online business space and having tons of fun.