3 Awesome Ways To Make Money In An Unstable Economy

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Most of the people that i talk to are having a difficult time in this economy.  Where I live in Pennsylvania
the real estate market still has not recovered.

Most people who own homes are still underwater and having a hard time getting their home value be more then
what they owe for their mortgage.  Although this is the case there are tons of ways to make money to help
you continue to pay your mortgage and eventually you will start to have equity again.  I would like to highlight
three ways to make money in a down economy that actually work.

The First Way To Make Money Online

First way people are making money is by brokering projects that are needed in the USA to overseas companies.
Its a fact that a lot of the bigger companies do this.  For example website design, creating logos, creating
banners, and marketing plans.

The key is finding companies that require services that are willing to pay more than what they would pay to have
them done outside the United States.  You can actually make money from them for just brokering the deal.  This process is discussed in Tim Ferris’ book the 4 hour work week.

Multiple Ways To Make Money The Second Way.

The Second way some people are making money is doing and participating in at home surveys right from their computer.  There are so many companies out there that are promoting this.  Note that some are more prosperous then others and some you even have a fee to be a member of.  But to be able to sit by the computer in your pajamas or whatever you choose to wear its a cool way to earn some extra income.  You can google and do a search  of all the survey sites that are listed out there.

The Third Way To Make Money.

The third way that a good amount of people are making money legitimately is in the network marketing arena also known as referral marketing.  Its known that when the economy is down network marketing companies are flourishing.  The great thing about network marketing is the companies flourish in a great economy too.

There are tons of great network marketing companies out there but when some people think about network marketing is that those companies are a pyramid scheme.  Having that type of mentality will prohibit you from being part of a wonderful profession.

Warren Buffet is a huge fan of Network Marketing and even bought the Pampered Chef business.  This is a network marketing company and he purchased it for $400 million dollars.  When asked why?  Warren Buffet stated “Cash Flow”.

I have personally seen large organizations being built.  One of my mentors Robert Hollis has built companies and large organizations of over 300,00 people and even helped create 47 millionaires in the process. Not bad if you ask me.

I really enjoy helping others earn a income online and if you enjoy helping others earn a income too you could see amazing results and be a rock star in the right company for you.

Most importantly whatever you choose Have Fun…   I love serving a profession in a way that is unique and fun.

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3 Awesome Ways To Make Money In An Unstable Economy

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3 Awesome Ways To Make Money In An Unstable Economy

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